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Or to put it another way, what is lack of engagement costing you right now?

Companies lose $350 billion a year because of employee disengagement. Your company does NOT have to be one of them. Disengaged employees impact your business' productivity, level of innovation, and ultimately your bottom line.

When employees disengage, that's a problem both for you and your organization. We call these employees "Dissatisfied Compromisers" and, according to our most recent benchmark survey, they make up more than one quarter of all U.S. employees. That's an alarming fact. But the good news is that these numbers are not set in stone. There are remedies for improving employee engagement and we can help with the most highly regarded and thoroughly validated employee survey solution available.

An Insightlink 4Cs Employee Survey and companion Action Planning Workbook will:
  • show you how many "quit and stay" employees you have
  • give you clear direction on the actions you need to take to re-engage them
  • help transform your Dissatisfied Compromisers into Committed Loyalists
Do you know that companies with high levels of employee engagement earn returns that are more than double those of the overall market? Engagement and satisfaction are directly related to performance and profitability.

Employee Engagement leads to increased profits

We give your company the information and the tools you need to increase job satisfaction and employee engagement. The 4Cs Employee Survey is the only solution of its kind which addresses all four contributing factors to engagement.

Are you ready to see how you can improve?

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Insightlink's Critical 4Cs of Employee Engagement
Commitment - Culture - Communications - Compensation
We are the only provider of the 4Cs Survey method. Don't settle for less.



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